Meet the 30-year-old backpacker!



I only see two options here: either you know me or you don’t. If you do, thanks for reading me guys! If you don’t, then let me introduce myself. My name is Nathalie, I am thirty and I am leaving all behind to write a new page in my life. 

I am a newcomer in the blogging world and I am not native in English so please forgive me if I misuse Shakespeare’s language. So why doing all this?
I have always worked hard and played by the rules. But as I was getting closer to the dreaded 30s I have realized that the more I climbed the ladders, the more my daily routine was becoming less creative and inspiring. And I was lacking inspiration in this  9AM to 9PM life. I needed to feed my brain again. Learn how to photograph, how to set up a blog, how to write better, improve a language, or even learn how to play an instrument (try the harmonica for such a trip: it is clearly easier to put into the luggage than a guitar!). I also needed to question the daily routine of our “modern lives”. I realized how many ressources I was spending to compensate the crazy routine and speed of our lives. I wanted to test my own limits: could I handle living on a tight budget, getting out of my comfort zone?

Although I am used of traveling and living in different places (I grew up in Brazil, studied in France and England and have spent the last year and a half in Germany), I needed more from the world. So it was time to set the sails.

“We know what we are, but know not what we may be.” – William Shakespeare

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One of the purposes of the blog is to help you in your own trip around the world. If you are not ready to go, to perhaps give you some bits of inspiration. Th point is, if I am able to board on such a journey, a lot of people can. Of course it is easier if you do not have kids, have some cash saved and feel confident on how to organize your life when you will be back. But remember: it is a reachable dream.

#1 – A BACKPACKER / Where is the room service? Anyone?

Are you lost in translation regarding how to organize yourself to go camping? You are not alone. I have camped 5 days in the past 10 years. Youth hostels? Sure! When I was 18… My travelling habits of the past 5 years? Boutique to 4/5-star hotels. 13kg for one year? Yep. But do not worry: my luggage is known for always being too big with unnecessary clothes and fashion accessories. A 13kg backpack was not thinkable. And yet… I am doing it.
So if I can do it, so can you.

#2 – AN OUTDOOR ADDICT / How many km left?

I was born and raised in a jungle. An urban one: São Paulo with its nearly 20 million inhabitants. I have never been trekking for more than one day. I like team sports (soccer, volleyball), fitness class and dancing, but physical activity in the wild nature has never been part of the plan. Until now.
Let’s see how far I can go. 

#3 – AN EXPERIENCED TRAVEL BLOGGER / SEO…  Can anyone explain?

I already admitted it: I am a total new-comer in the big Blogging Land. As you know now, I have been working in Marketing & Sales positions and despite the fact that sociologists do agree that I am part of the Y generation (a.k.a digital natives) I have never had a blog! But I have a secret: I have always dreamt of the day where I would have time to write.
So if you are like me and you’re looking for the same opportunity, a trip around the world might just be the right opportunity to do it.


I never had a proper camera, I believe cameras are too heavy to carry around and are too expensive for my lack of photo expertise. But I do believe that today, anyone can take great photos with a smartphone. The world is filled up with easy to use apps that will compensate any lack of creative gift or know-how.
So if I can take cool pictures and make beautiful memories last, so can you.

#5 – A MOTORHOME DRIVER / How do I park this huge thing?

Yes, I know how to drive, but I have to say that one of my personal challenges is the one of leaving my Smart behind and take the wheel of a 6m long motorhome. To make things easier, I will be travelling on the other side of the road.
One more challenge to address.