Our journey around the globe

What is this itinerary? You are not going to Thailand? You are skipping India? No, we are not, and yes, we know. Our itinerary is not the one people backpacking around the world usually do in a 10-month trip. But this is exactly why travelling is amazing. No trip looks like another one, as it is a unique and individual experience. Even when travelling as a couple one does not live the same experience as the other one. Our itinerary is based upon countries we have dreamt living in, instead of those we dreamt visiting.




From April 6th to 12th
Season: Spring

Our first stop will be Istanbul. Alfonse de Lamartine said that “if one had a single glance to give the world, one should gaze at Istanbul”. We heard him. Our first glance on the world will be therefore the former Byzantium, Constantinople.


From April 14th to mid-May
Season: Autumn

Our next stop will be a far far away land. The kind of place you never put in your holidays list (4 days to get there in a 2-week holiday? No way mate!). With breathtaking landscapes and beaches, dangerous animals, great weather and yet… where you feel safe. We are heading to Australia! In the program: discovering coffee-addict Melbourne, wild Tasmania, crazy Sydney, heading up to the amazing beachside of Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef, exploring Kakadu National Park and Darwin‘s region marvels, the iconic Red Center and ending up our Aussie adventure in a campervan from the wine region of Adelaide to where it all began: Melbourne.


From mid-May to end of May
Season: Winter

Welcome to a real backpacker lifestyle. No budget for a hotel room? Are we going to rent a motorhome? Am I able to drive that thing?  Ok… well one has to try everything once in life, right? 3 weeks in a motorhome to cross the two islands that constitute New Zealand: that will be a hell of an adventure. From the trendy cities of Auckland and Wellington to the Fiordland and the mountains of Queenstown, we are looking forward in discovering this magical land we never thought we would one day travel to. 


From end of may to mid-June
Season: Everlasting summer

Yes, a new destination has entered the program. Isn’t traveling the world also about this? Changing plans, improvising? And let’s be honest… Looking for a place that you can actually afford, where you can chase the summer and finally get that healthy-glow tan? Bali and the Gilis are places where so many different worlds coexist and collide. From the zen identity to the party one, it holds a lot of surprises…



From mid-June to mid-July 2015
Season: Summer

Finally! Those 3 years of Mandarin classes will pay off! Although it might need some (a lot of) refreshment. I will finally see the Great Wall of China, the Terracotta Army of Xi’an, the historical Datong, the Li River in Guilin to end up in Guangzhou and partying in Hong Kong. Zai jian!



Mid-July to early August 2015
Season: Summer

The Caribbeans!!! At last!!! White sand, palm trees, turquoise sea… After three and a half months travelling, here we come. In the program, the exciting Bogotá, the beautiful colonial city of Cartagena, the marvelous park of Tayrona and its popular neighbor: Santa Marta. On the program salsa, cumbia, arepas (delicious local sandwiches that you can learn how to do thanks to thelatinkitchen), beach, party and re-uniting with great friends!



From early August to end of October 2015
Season: Summer

The big North American road trip. In this part of the trip, the roads will be long, the excitement will be huge, the landscapes will be unique, the burgers will be numerous and the memories will be uncountable. From the crazy Los Angeles, to the wild (not so much anymore) national parks of the Grand Canyon, Zion, Yosemite, to the trendy San Francisco and savage Las Vegas, we will be road tripping on the West Coast. Going up the Pacific Highway we will reach Portland and Seattle before heading to Vancouver and the Parks of Banff and Jasper in Canada. We will be then heading to Québec and then to USA’s East coast with the NYC scenario of Sex and the City and House of Cards’s Washington. A final stop in Dexters’s Miami and we are ready to go to Latin AmericaHasta la vista baby!



From early November to mid-November 2015
Season: Summer

Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Uyuni, Titicaca Lake. Traveling to Peru and Bolivia will require to have the camera out all the time! This part of the trip will be more “adventurous”, sporty and we can’t wait!



From November to mid-December
Season: Summer

Known as the Latin American Switzerland, Chile is the land of wine, ceviche and avocado. Avocados (that I love) are everywhere! In the soup, in the sandwich, in the main dish… well you got the green picture. Chile is also a land where you find a desert in the North (the Atacama and its “Valley of the Moon”), Pucón and its breathtaking view of the volcano and on the way South the frozen lands of the Chilean Antarctic. It is also home to Santiago, a city that keeps on changing and becoming one of the beating hearts of Latin America. At last but not least, the unique Valparaíso will make us want to use our iPhones’ cameras, that’s for sure.



From mid-December 2015 to mid-January 2016
Season: Summer

Have you ever heard about the rivalry between Brazil and Argentina? Well, I am Brazilian. But I must confess that I have always dreamt of crossing the frontier and discovering the land of the Che. So much history and beauty lies in Argentina. It also is one of the capitals of 3 things I cherish: tango, football and churrasco. So follow our adventures in the vineyards of Mendoza, in the streets of Ushuaia and the paths of Mount Fitz Roy, in the glaciers of Perito Moreno and the falls of Iguazú. But let’s not forget the thrilling Buenos Aires where we will be probably staying more than we should…


From mid-Januray to end of January 2016
Season: Summer

Home sweet home… As this is a trip about discovering, and I know Brazil quite well, this time we will be travelling to places I have never been before, as traveling is also about discovering where we come from. This time, it will be about discovering the beauty of Bonito (“bonito” means “beautiful” in Portuguese), the wild region of Pantanal, the architectural uniqueness of Brasilia before going back home to São Paulo.