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In Australia you don’t kid around with your coffee. Coffee is an art. However many tourists feel a bit lonely when the barista asks “what do you want?”. In order to avoid drinking cappuccinos or lattes your whole holidays because you do not dare to ask for something else, here comes a little help.

I  am not a coffee expert but this is what I have picked up from locals, cafés and online explanations. Hope this little guide about ordering coffee in Australia will be useful!

To sum up, there are 3 categories of coffee (but watch out, from one café to another there might be slight differences).


The short black: in the rest of the world this one is known as the old good “espresso
The short mac: please meet the short macchiato (an espresso with a little bit of cold milk)
– The ristretto: please meet the very short espresso (being half an espresso it is also stronger) 


The cappuccino: Yay! that one we know. Not my favorite (who cares) but a classic. The barista will put the same a mount of espresso and steamed milk and 1.5 to 2cm of foam and it is ready to drink!
The latte: drinking latte is like wearing black, it is never a mistake. The secret to it is to put the same quantity of espresso and steamed milk (which will vary from one café to another) and a little bit of creamy foam on the top
The piccolo latte: one shot of espresso, a little bit of steamed milk, a little bit of foam and you are ready to go
The flat white: that one is the sacred coffee here. It is like a latte, except that there is less foam.


The long black: 2 shots of espresso topped with hot water (or the other way around)
The long mac: the “long macchiato” adds to the long black a little bit of foam!

Now get a coffee and have a great day!

PS: Thanks Sami for the coffee class!

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  1. Maman Patty

    Ma chérie,
    J’adore tout ce que tu écris! J’ai toujours la sensation d’être avec toi dans tes périples. Ce cours de “Comment commander son café” est vraiment très clair et explicite! Qu’en pense notre cher Thomas?
    Plein de bisous à tous les deux! Vous me manquez tellement!

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