After publishing the post on what clothes to take on a trip around the world, I have received requests regarding shoes. What shoes to pack for a 1 year trip around the world? Shoes… A serious question isn’t it? Not really, but who cares? We all know how a pair of shoes can change a look.

In a trip around the world you have 2 priorities, and to be honest style is not really among them: comfort and being packing-friendly. Unfortunately most of the shoes that are designed to go the distance are indeed comfortable but are not always packing-friendly and are very often very unfashionable.
Another point to take into account is that you will be spending a lot of time wearing very few shoes. So you have to find a way to pretty much LOVE THEM.

So after researching, trying, packing and wearing them for 2 months now, here is my selection (in order of frequency of usage):

Adidas Terrex FastR with Gore-Tex
These walking shoes are a special outdoor line designed by Adidas. Why did I choose
this one?
Lightweight: they are light compared to other “traditional” walking shoes like Timberland
Waterproof: with a GORE-TEX® lining your feet stay dry even under the rain adidas-terrex-fastr-woman(tested and approved)
Grip: the outsole is made of Continental™ Rubber giving you extra grip on slippery and challenging surfaces
No sweat: the sockliner OrthoLite® has moisture-wicking allowing your foot to stay dry even after a 3h walk
ANNNDDDD… They look like running shoes (which are very à la mode lately) and can match a lot of outfits. They look great with a black dress, a legging or shorts.
Havaianas Slim

The best, the unique, the eternal Havaianas. Pick a color that will match your bikinis, dresses, shorts, tops,havaianas-slim-gold jeans… In other words everything you are taking with you, as you will be wearing them all the time: on the beach, in the city, at “home” (wherever that is), under the camping shower… I hesitated between the golden and the silver ones (these two “colors” simply go with everything) and chose the golden one. In addition they are weightless, easy to pack and cheap!

Geox flats

One year without heals is tough. But it gets even tougher without a pair of feminine shoes that remind you that deep down you are still a city girl somehow. What do you wear when geox-ballerinas-lola-blackyou want to go in a nice restaurant (when you have some spare budget) and it is raining? What do you wear if you have a potential client or interview abroad? You wear a pair of flats. It always works and once again it is weightless and takes very little space in your backpack. Another good option is a pair of slippers. It all depends on each one’s style.

HOWEVER… make sure that they are really, really, really comfortable. I know Repetto ballerinas are cool and fancy and fashionable and expensive. But they would not survive one month in a trip like this. After trying several models my choice was the Geox Lola ballerina. Their rubber soles (apparently from an exclusive Geox patent) have a “breathable and waterproof membrane that allows for natural thermoregulation and creates an ideal microclimate inside of the shoe” according to the brand.

Sam Edelman Gigi thong sandal

This one has already been my companion for 2 years now on all my trips. Bought in LA with a dear friend, it is my “fav” pair of shoes. The type of object (in this case shoes) that carries good memories and empowers you somehow. I knosam-edelman-black-flat-sandalsw it sounds silly but, what can I say? Shoes do have magical powers.

These ones have it all. It doesn’t have straps that could be uncomfortable, it has a sole cushioning that makes your feet love you when you have been walking for over an hour, and they look sleek. Super light, easy to pack it matches everything you have.

Voilà ladies! Hope this one has been useful!

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  1. Shandos

    Thanks for sharing! I will have to find some cheap Geox Lola Ballarina’s to ship to Australia, I love ballet flats but tend to destroy them with all my walking.

    1. Author

      Hi there! Glad it was helpful in some way! Mine are still alive after 3 months on the road 🙂 Let’s see how long they can last!

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