Your favorite moment of the week is… Monday morning! Things are cheaper, local attractions are emptier, you finally can find a free table on that cool café terrace and the most important… you don’t have to work. Hihihi.

You are the only tourist at the airport leaving the country with a smile on your face. They are heading back home. You are heading to a new place.

Your first criteria when choosing a hotel is: “Do you have free wi-fi?” You would be surprised how many don’t. Helloooo guys…. We are in 2015!

You look desperatly for the snooze button at 6AM. Apparently you have forgotten that the parrots that wake you up very loudly every day do not have such a function. What happened to the lazy mornings you were dreaming of?

You are going to bed at 9PM. You are exhausted after the end of a busy day (it is true, I promise), you don’t have the budget for the happy hours and you are so happy to have a good bed that you just want to… lay down, read a book and sleeeeeeeeeep.

You have experimented every kind of place could offer and even more (they don’t have campervans yet). Camping, cabin, motel, hotel, b&b, you have tested them all. Except for the hotel-boutiques’ luxury rooms. Of course.

You have become a currency expert in over 10 currencies. Daily rates of the Colombian peso (COP for the experts) and the Indonesian rupiah (IDR) are absolutely strategic in your economical world.

You could apply to become a weather presenter. One: weather is the first thing you check every morning when you wake up. Two: you know the temperatures of over 20 cities for the next 30 days, hourly. Three: you are probably jobless, so that could be a good professional retraining.

You are finally getting out of the red zone on your Pacer app. Yes. you made it. You are walking more than 10 000 steps everyday.

You finally agree with your parents who used to say that one day, you would LOVE vegetables. Well, after so many burgers and pizzas you DO LOVE eggplants, zucchinis and cucumber.

That was part 1. Let’s see what the rest of the road will teach us on the next post!

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  1. Aurélia

    I WANT to see you both eating a cucumber or a zucchini not cooked in Italian style (with a ton of olive oil and lots of basil to not feel the taste of the so called zucchini…)

  2. Maman

    Ma chérie, je savais bien, qu’après 30 ans de résistance acharnée, tu finirais par adorer les légumes!
    Dans 3 mois, ton père et moi allons expérimenter les mêmes sensations sans faire le tour du monde : la retraite!!! Et vive les lundis sans cravate ou talons hauts!
    Bisous à tous les deux! Je vous aime!

    1. Author

      🙂 En revanche, je résiste toujours aux choux de Bruxelles!!
      Concernant la retraite tu devrais créer un blog! En tous cas elle approche à grand pas!
      Bisous de Bali!

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